We prefer to call it ‘right sizing’ because it’s all about finding the right size home for you in whichever stage of life you’re in. Some people are excited about the idea of moving to a new, more manageable home and ideally freeing up some equity. Others are anxious, it’s a significant change, and many of the people we help sell and buy haven’t moved home in decades.
We understand that in many cases, you are not just selling bricks and mortar but letting go of treasured memories and deep emotional bonds. So, we never forget the emotional side of moving. And that’s why we can assure you you’ll always receive a patient, polite, and professional service should you decide to sell your home with us. Our aim is always to help and guide you to make the best decision for you and your future. After reading this guide, you may find it helpful to have a no obligation, no-pressure chat with us about your situation.

Click this link to download our full E-guide: Duckworths Downsizing EGuide Version